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Toothless Bust Update!

I’ve been slowly chipping away at these. I know a lot of you have been asking about these and waiting to see casts.  I am getting really close now!  The photos above are the first pulls from the molds so they aren’t perfect.  I use these first pulls to determine where I need better vents in my molds so that air can properly flow and allow resin to fill all cavities.  I mostly had issues with the tips of the ears, but all is easily remedied!

Since my last update, I finished sculpting the busts.  I added scales, ear nubs, and did a final clean up pass.  Check out how they looked last time!

I’ve been upgrading my molding and casting process.  I just bought a vacuum pump and chamber to remove air bubbles from my silicone molds.  I am also using methods described in the book, Pop Sculpture, which has streamlined my process so much.  I have switched to Mold Max 25 silicone on the recommendation of many of my established toy/collectible industry friends.  It is fantastic!  Very strong and measuring by weight is SO much easier than by volume.

I also finally put together my own pressure pot, with the help of this Instructables article.  This is for removing air bubbles from the casts.  Holy COW, I can’t believe the difference.  As you can see in the photos about, the casts are flawless (aside from some venting issues I need to fix on the ears).  I am blown away and so so so happy!  This is going to cut down on my clean up time so much.

Smooth-On recently release Glow Worm additive powders, including a glow-in-the-dark blue.  I will be using this stuff on the two angry busts; it should look super cool!

To those interested in purchasing these busts, I will have full information available once I have a final sample to show.  These will ONLY be available as full sets of 5.  They will be fully painted, mounted, and signed/numbered.  Right now, I am planning on a limited edition of 10 sets.  I will NOT be selling these as single busts nor will I be selling paint-your-own.  This is a fan-art piece and I will not be producing these in a large amount for that very reason.  Thank you so much for your understanding on this.

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